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The Holy Scripture Passed Down From The Drinking Games God's Themselves... Are You Worthy? Can You Handle Your Drink?
Check Out The Games Passed Down By The Gods
Jacks is my new favourite drinking game. It keeps everyone into the game 100% of the time and laughs come from every corner even if they aren’t into drinking games! Its the best BIG group drinking there is!!! Dan Fillion


Love the drinking games bible!! I work at a resort and it gets the guests together to drink, socialise and get wasted! When you’re done with one game, just flip through the pages and you’re on to another exciting game! It’s just awesome! Samuela Bruce


A perfect way to spend an evening with friends! Tons of great games to choose from. What makes this book so unique is that these games were collected from people from all corners of the world.. A wonderful touch! Roxy Bilokraly


Grab Your Copy Of The Bible

The divine scripture passed down from the drinking gods themselves to the mere mortals of this planet. Are you worth of the gods? Can you handle the drinking games?

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