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Bottle Caps Drinking Game was submitted by Hannah, England.

OVERVIEW of the Bottle Caps Drinking Game:

The Bottle Caps drinking game is a fantastically simple game submitted by Hannah and was a lot of fun to play! All you need is a positive attitude, be able to flick two bottle caps, be open to adding crazy rules to the game and of course, plenty of alcohol.

If you’re looking for a simple pre-drinking game or a game that could have you drinking fairly quickly with a smaller group then look no further. Just make sure you have a few good/fun rules you can add to the game stored in your brain ready to bust out when the time comes.

Enjoy Hannah’s game! The Drinking Games God surely did!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • 2-6 people ideally… You can play with more but it’ll get a little boring sitting waiting for your turn
  • Two bottle caps that ARE NOT bent
  • Be able to get creative when adding new rules to the game

The Rules:

You need two bottle caps which aren’t bent.

Throw both bottle caps just like you would roll dice. If both caps land face up you have to drink. If they land face down you pick someone to drink. If they land one up and one down you add a new rule to the game.

If you break any rules at any point you have to drink as well so do try and remember all the rules! 😀

At the bottom of this post are some example rules you can use in your game.



– You’ll need two bottle caps.

– Each player takes it in turns to throw the bottle caps

How The Caps Land

2 caps face up = Drink

2 caps face down = Nominate someone to drink

1 up + 1 down = Make a rule

– If you break a rule you drink

– Rules are cumulative until someone uses their “make a rule” to abolish all rules.

Rule Examples:

– Left-hand drinking only

– No first names

– No pointing

– At the end of every sentence, you have to say “In my pants!”

– Whenever you drink you have to make an animal noise. The person to the player’s right decides the animal.

– Stand up when you drink

– Abolish all rules


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