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Centurion Drinking Game was submitted by Hannah, England.

OVERVIEW of the Centurion Drinking Game:

An awesome game that’s EXTREMELY simple yet challenging game. Everyone thinks this game is easy because you just take a shot every minute but 100 shots… That’s just crazy. Be careful with the alcohol you choose as it can make this game fun or torture. Vodka, whiskey, rum… It’ll be tough to make it to the end. Beer will make you feel bloated. The God of Games made it to 74 shots playing with beer. How far can you go?

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • A timer

The Rules:

Every 60 seconds you must take a shot. Keep going until you cannot drink anymore or until you reach 100 shots.

If you decide you use beer, this equates to roughly 6-7 pints depending on the size of the shot glass.

Can you complete the challenge?


– 1 drink or 1 shot every minute for 100 minutes



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