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Coin Bounce Drinking Game was submitted by the Reef Safari Scuba Diving Team, Airlie Beach, Australia.


Overview of The Coin Bounce Drinking Game:

The Coin Bounce drinking game is fun to play because it can be fairly difficult to bounce a coin into a cup. Although, there will always be that one person playing who will get it in the first time every time (HINT: they should be on your team!). This is the perfect game to play when everyone is a little drunk already because the hilarity that ensues watching people SUCK BADLY at bouncing a coin will have people on the floor… ROFL’ing literally!

Make sure you have enough space for this game and try not to mix drinks too much if you can help it… The Drinking Games God will not take responsibility for your inability to keep your drink down or potential hangovers. Although it’s definitely more fun to watch the other teams drink a vile concoction in the central cup, so feel free to ignore the Gods here 😉

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Coins
  • Cups (1 each plus an additional cup for the centre)
  • Even number of people so you can team up!
  • The ability to be able to bounce a coin like a god.

The Rules:

Find yourself a drinking partner. You two are now a team for this version of Coin Bounce.

You’ll need a cup each and then an extra cup which needs to be placed in the middle of the table. You need 3-4 fingers of your drink in your cup and a mixture of everyone’s drink in the central cup.

All teams should be in a circle around the table with one coin per team.

Now each person will take a turn trying to bounce the coin off the table into their cup. If you don’t get it in your hand the coin to your drinking partner and they have a go trying to get it into their cup.

If the coin lands in your cup you must drink the contents of your cup to retrieve the coin and then you both take turns trying to bounce the coin into your partner’s cup. When the coin lands in their cup, they drink the contents.

Once your team has drunk both cups you take turns trying to bounce your teams coin into the central cup. The last team to get the coin into the central cup must consume the cup.

Make sure the central cup is of a vile concoction… Just to make your victory more enjoyable! 🙂


The Rules in Bite Size Chunks:

  • Get into teams of two.
  • Everybody has their own cup with a drink in and there is also one cup in the middle. Each team has one coin.
  • Players in each team take turns to bounce the coin in their drink. If the coin goes in your cup, you drink your drink.
  • Once both players have got the coin in their own cups and consumed their drink, they take turns in trying to bounce the coin into the middle cup.
  • The last team to get their coin in the middle cup loses and has to drink the middle cup, as a team (as well as their own drinks if they haven’t drunk them yet).

Additional Rules:

  • The middle cup must contain a mixture of everybody’s drink.
  • Players can only make one bounce, then it’s their teammate’s turn… For both their own cups and the middle cup.


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