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Flip Cup drinking game was submitted by the Airlie Beach Scuba Diving Team, Australia.

Overview of the Flip Cup Drinking Game:

A very competitive game so expect a lot of noise to be made. This is a brilliant game to play with old friends or new… So long as they can actually flip a cup. Make sure everyone is clear whether you’re going to be using individual cups or one cup for the whole team… This caused some issues in Australia.

Enjoy flipping away. Let’s see who can tie with the God of Games and are able to flip their cup perfectly with only one try.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Plastic cups
  • A table
  • Competent team mates
  • Competitive team mates
  • Creative forfeits for the losing team

The Rules:

Get into 2 teams and it doesn’t matter if they’re not even. If they’re not even teams then someone will need to go twice.

Line up in two rows preferably on opposite sides of a table. You’ll need one cup for each team and it needs to be a cup that can easily be flipped. Everyone will also need their own drink too.

Starting at one of the tables, the first person on each team puts about a mouthful of drink into the cup, cheers each other, drink the contents of their cup the right way up on the edge of the table and try to flip it the upside down.

The player keeps on trying to flip the cup until they’re successful. Once they’re successful the cup moves down to the next team mate where they’ll then add a mouthful of their drink to the cup, drink it and then also try flipping the cup.

Once everyone on the team has drunk and flipped the cup successfully, that team wins. If there is an uneven team, the team with one less player will have to have someone go twice.

The winning team gets to make up a forfeit for the other team. This can be anything from:

  • Making the team sing a song
  • Guys have to swap an item of clothing with the girls on the team
  • The whole team has to walk around the room pretending to be a chicken – Girls give the guys a lap dance then the guys give the girls one

You get the point. Be as weird and creative as possible!

The Rules in Bite Size Chunks:

  1. You put a mouthful of drink in a cup.
  2. You drink the drink, then turn the cup upside down on the edge of the table and attempt to flip it the right way up.
  3. You keep going until you flip it the right way up.
  4. Once you’ve done this, you pass the cup down to your next team mate and repeat the last 3 steps.
  5. The winning team is the first team for everyone to flip the cup the right way up.
  6. The winning team comes up with a FOREFIT for the losing team.


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