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Fuzzy Duck drinking game was added by The God of Games.

Overview of the Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game:

A FANTASTIC game to play with people whose English is their second or third language… It’s almost bullying! Everyone finds the game hilarious when someone messes up and it becomes a common occurrence the drunker people get too.

The God of Games will always think of Ella from the island of Nauru when it comes to this game… A memorable night in Fiji for sure!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol… Lots of it if you get tongue-tied
  • Be able to say a few words in English!

The Rules:

Everyone should be sitting in a circle on the floor or around a table. Whoever is starting picks a direction and says “Fuzzy Fuck”

Continue going in the same direction with each person saying “Fuzzy Fuck” Someone can instead say “Does He?” and if they do the direction changes
and now people have to say “Ducky Fuzz”

Now continue going in that reversed direction with people saying “Ducky Fuzz” until someone says “Does He?” again and then the direction switches back to the original direction with people saying “Fuzzy Duck” again.

Anyone can say “Does He?” whenever they want, BUT there must be at least one “Fuzzy Duck” or “Ducky Fuzz” before someone can say “Does He?” again.

Eventually, someone will say “Fuck He Does” or “Does He Fuck” and when someone does say this or make any other mistake they have to drink and they then start the new round.

There will be big laughs with this game as it’s normally one person that messes up over and over again!


The Rules in Bite Size Chunks:

  1. The player who starts picks a direction and starts by saying “Fuzzy Duck”
  2. Each player afterwards says “Fuzzy Duck” one at a time.
  3. If someone says “Does He?” the direction changes and players now have to say “Ducky Fuzz”
  4. Again if someone says “Does He?” the direction changes and people revert back to saying “Fuzzy Duck”
  5. Anyone can say “Does He?”
  6. If someone messes up, you drink and then start the round again.

Additional Rules

If someone says “Does He?” there must be at least ONE “Fuzzy Duck” or “Ducky Fuzz” before someone else can say “Does He?”

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