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Horse Race Drinking Game was submitted by Zara, South East London, England.

OVERVIEW of the Horse Race Drinking Game:

The Horse Race Drinking Game is probably one of the most unique games you’ll find inside the bible. And once you have a handle on the rules… It’s a FANTASTIC game to play.

Also, having an amazing commentator helps!

If you’ve never gambled before then this is the game for you to finally start. There’s no money involved… Only alcohol. You bet with alcohol!! Is there anything better!?

Be careful with who you dish out your “winnings” to because it could come back to you. But we all love drinking so is it really a bad thing?

So saddle up, pick your “horse” and happy drinking!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • An enthusiastic commentator
  • A deck of card
  • Space to lay out all the cards
  • Optional: Have “William Tell Overture Finale by Rossini” playing in the background

The Rules:

In a horse race, everyone picks a suit (the horse) and places their bets, in seconds, on whatever suit they like. You drink for the amount of seconds you’d like to bet which you then get to double and dish out at the end if your horse wins. As a group, you can decide if there is a maximum bet.

Once all bets are placed you lay out the course like in the picture below.

With all 4 aces as the horses, you start the game by turning over the next card on the deck. Whatever suit appears when turning the deck over that horse moves forward one place.

If all the horses make it past a row on the course, you turn the card over. Whatever suit the card is that horse moves back one space.

Keep playing until a horse crosses the finish line. Winning players can then dish out their drinks.


  • Players place bets on which suit they think will win. You drink for X amount of seconds, that is your bet. If your horse wins, you get to double your bet and deal out that many seconds to the other players.
  • Set your course up like in the image below.
  • You have 9 cards on the side making up the course and then 4 random cards of 4 different suits as the horses.
  • Someone starts turning the rest of the deck over one card at a time. Whatever suit is turned over, that horse moves forward one space.
  • Once all the horses have passed one of the cards in the track, that card in the track is turned over. Whatever suit that card is, that horse moves back one space.
  • The first horse to pass the finish line is the winner. The players with the winning horse double their bet and dish out the seconds to the losing players.

Additional Rules

  • Bets can be fingers or seconds. Players decide at the start.
  • Cheering for your horse is encouraged!


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