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Jacks Drinking Game was submitted by Digs, England.

OVERVIEW of the Jacks Drinking Game:

Best played with 6+ people.

This game requires you to get into teams of 2. Pick your teammate wisely… They could turn out to be your best friend or worst enemy.

One team starts off with the deck of cards and starts turning them over one card at a time revealing the face of the card. In the first round, whenever a Jack appears everyone must slap the table and shout “Jacks!” at the top of their voice.

The last player to do this must drink AND so must their team mate.

Once you’ve gone through the entire deck, the deck moves clockwise to the next team where they’ll add a new rule to a different card. Rules stack! So the next round you’ll have the Jack and whatever card the 2nd team decides to give a rule to.

The game ends once everyone struggles to remember the rules or when someone tries to kill their teammate for being completely useless.

Enjoy Jacks!


  • Players get into teams (teams of two are preferred)
  • One team starts turning over the deck one card at a time revealing the face of the card.
  • When a Jack appears, everyone has to slap the table with 2 hands and shout “Jacks!”, the last person to do has to drink 1 finger and so does their team mate.
  • Once the entire deck has been turned over, the deck moves clockwise to the next team.
  • Before you start again, the team assigns a new action to a new card. They tell the teams what the new action is and for what card, and then start turning the cards over one at a time.
  • All actions stack, you aren’t changing the Jack to something else. You continue doing the Jack plus any other designed cards… Just add the new one to the list.

The team dealing the cards are exempt from having to do the actions. They are also the people who decide who was last in doing the actions for that round too. They are the judge, jury and executioner!

Favourite Actions to Add

–    Stand up and hug your teammate.

–    Raise your right hand.

–    Run around your chair.

–    Cover your right eye with your right hand.

–    Clap your hands

–    Stand up.

–    High five your team mate.

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