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Moose and Canoes drinking game was submitted by Victoria, Canada.

Overview of the Moose and Canoes Drinking Game:

You cannot get any more Canadian unless you play this game in plaid. Submitted by Victoria and played by the God of Games in Thailand… This is an excellent game to play with people who struggle with coordination. Or if everyone is a little tipsy already.

Make sure you check out the extra rules if you wanna spicy this game up!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • Fast reflexes
  • Coordination!

The Rules:

Everyone needs to be sitting around in a circle with a little bit of space between each other so to not hit each other.

Someone needs to start off as the moose. As the moose, you will need to place your hands on your head mimicking a set of moose antlers. Don’t forget to wiggle your fingers!

The person either side of the moose must pretend to row a canoe as fast as they can into the moose. At any moment, the moose can point to someone else. Whoever they point to becomes the new moose and the person either side of the new moose must start rowing a canoe into the moose.

Keep on going until someone messes up. Whoever messes up drinks and they become the new moose.

If, when pointed at, you don’t become the moose quick enough, the canoe rowers don’t row quick enough after the new moose is selected or row in the wrong direction, you drink and become the new moose. This can be as fast paced as you like.

If people get used to this game or you want tomato it more difficult, check out the Cowboys and Indians add-on down below. This really makes things confusing  😀


The Rules in Bite Size Chunks:

  1. Sit around in a circle.
  2. Someone starts by being a moose by putting their hands on their hand to make the antlers.
  3. The person to the left and right of the moose has to pretend to row a canoe INTO the moose.
  4. The moose points to someone. Whoever they point to is the new moose and the people to their left and right start rowing the canoe INTO the moose.
  5. If you mess up, you drink and then start off as the moose.

Step It Up a Level! Extra Rules:

  • If you don’t do the moose action, or canoe actions, quick enough you drink.
  • You can add new actions… Cowboys and Indians.
    • Cowboys – Fire guns into the sky.
    • Indians – Make an Indian noise and one arm pointing AWAY form the cowboy.
  • If playing with Cowboys and Indians too, when the Cowboy or Moose points at you, you can choose to be Cowboy or Moose.

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