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Never Have I Ever Drinking Game was added by Belle from California, USA.

Overview of the Never Have I Ever Drinking Game:

A classic game pretty much everyone has played at some point… It’s even a game inside of Ring of Fire! This is a great game to play with strangers because you’ll get to learn a lot about people… Especially when the questions eventually turn sexual. This isn’t a game for the shy. Probably a game best played when everyone is a little drunk already!

Well oh well, didn’t Belle share some interesting things that night…

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • One hand… With 4 fingers and a thumb preferably
  • Interesting questions!!

The Rules:

Get ready to learn the dirt on your fellow drinking buddies…

Everyone puts their hand up with finger showing. These are your “lives.” Taking turns you say something you haven’t done but you think other people may have done. You start by saying “Never have I ever…” then whatever your thing is.

This can be anything. Of course the dirtier the better.

If you have done whatever has been said then you put one finger down.

If you’re the first person to put all 5 fingers down then you are at the mercy of the group… They will come up with a forfeit for you to do, which again can be anything.

Each time someone puts a finger down they must drink.

If you say something that no one has done then you lose a life. You put one finger down.

Have fun learning how weird and crazy your drinking buddies are.


The Rules in Bite Size Chunks:

  1. Each player starts with 5 fingers in the air.
  2. The player who begins names “something” he/she has never done before, with the goal of getting people to put a finger down.
  3. If you’ve done the named “something” before, you must put a finger down.
  4. The first person to put all 5 fingers down… IS AT THE MERCY OF THE GROUP.
  5. If you’re the last player remaining fingers, you win.
  6. DRINK each time you’ve done the named “something”… And also put a finger down.

Additional Rules:

  • If no-one has done the “something” you said, you have to put a finger down.
  • The game goes round in a clockwise direction.

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