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The Ninja Drinking Game was submitted by Gustav Westerståhl, Stockholm, Sweden.

OVERVIEW of the Ninja Drinking Game:

One of the most popular games the God of Games has passed down to the mortals of this world. The Ninja Drinking Game was introduced to the God of Games by the legendary Swede Gustav on a small island in Fiji and was played almost daily. The man shall be remembered.

A great game for large groups as it can be very fast paced which would lead to more mistakes. More mistakes = more drinking.

Don’t be afraid to make noises in this game… The better the noise you make the better chance you’ll have at making people drink. So keep that in mind.

Enjoy this game, and pass it on to your friends. Spread the word of Ninja!

Here’s What You Need:

  • Alcohol
  • A larger group… 8 people minimum is ideal.
  • Be able to make good ninja noises!

The Rules:

Everyone sits around the table but preferably not too close to each other otherwise you WILL hit someone 😀

To start the game everyone places their hands in the middle, wiggles their fingers and makes an “oooo” noise as if they were a ninja. Then whoever starts as 3 options. They can either:

– Chop to their left and make a ninja noise.
– Chop to their right and make a ninja noise.
– Point both hands at someone clapping their hands and shout “ninja.”

You can ONLY chop to your left or right and you can ONLY “ninja” to everyone else. You cannot chop at anyone else other than those on your immediate left and right and you cannot “ninja” those on your immediate left or right.

Whoever’s turn it is next can do one of the options above. Keep going until someone messes up.

When someone does mess up they have to drink and starts the new round off. Every rounds starts off with everyone’s hands in the middle making the “oooo” ninja noise.

If someone makes a ninja noise so awesome that it gets everyone laughing then EVERYONE DRINKS 😀

The Rules in Bite Size Chunks:

– Everyone starts with their hands in the middle making an “oooo” noise like a ninja!

– Whoever starts the game makes a ninja noise at the top of your voice and chops to the person on their left or to the person on their right.

– To pass it to the next person you chop ether left or right and make a ninja noise at the top of their voice.

– If you want to pass it to someone who is not sitting on your left or right, you chop with both hands pointing at the person you want to pass it to saying “ninja” instead of making a ninja noise.

– You can only chop left or right whilst making a ninja noise and you can only shout “ninja” and chop with both hands to everyone else. If you say “ninja” when chopping left or right, or make a ninja noise when passing it to anyone else… You messed up!

– If you do mess up, you drink and start the round again with hands in the middle making an “oooo” noise.

– If anyone makes an awesome ninja noise… EVERYONE DRINKS!

Additional Rules

– The faster the better when chopping around.


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